Your BlueCross BlueShield Dentist in Weymouth

Dental insurance is a wonderful benefit that helps you fit important dental services comfortably within your budget. BlueCross BlueShield is a popular provider of insurance for families and individuals in the United States. If you, too, are covered under this plan, keep reading to learn about why it’s time to visit your BlueCross BlueShield dentist in Weymouth.

About Your Dental Insurance

BlueCross BlueShield is a fee-for-service dental insurance plan, meaning that in exchange for a set amount of money — your premium, usually paid monthly — you are eligible for up to $1,500 worth of care after you have met your annual deductible. Your deductible is the amount of money you must pay out-of-pocket before your insurance benefits will take over.

Most dental insurance pays for services at the following rate:

  • Preventive care, 100% covered. Checkups and cleanings, dental x-rays, fluoride treatments, possibly dental sealants for children.
  • Basic restorative care, 80% covered. Fillings, periodontal therapy, extractions.
  • Other restorative services, 50% covered. Dentures and partials, complex root canals, dental crowns.
  • Elective services and cosmetic treatments are usually not covered under a dental insurance plan.

We Are In-Network With BlueCross BlueShield

Visiting a dentist who is in-network with your BlueCross BlueShield dental insurance plan will help to ensure you receive the full benefit of your investment in oral health. You may still be eligible for the same savings visiting an out-of-network dentist, but you will have to pay the full amount of money out of pocket first and wait for reimbursement later on.

When you come into Columbian Square Dental with BlueCross BlueShield dental insurance, we will perform a verification of benefits to find out the specifics of your coverage and help you understand just what you are eligible for. You won’t have to pay any money for treatments that are fully covered — and for other services, we simply ask for the portion that you owe at the time of your appointment. We file and follow-up on your claim to make sure we receive the full reimbursement on the back end!

**An important note: While we always work to help patients maximize their dental insurance benefits, we also recommend making decisions based on your oral health needs rather than what is covered under your insurance. Our team is always here to help you decide what to prioritize for your healthy, long-lasting smile.

Preventive Care Is Crucial

There’s a reason your dental insurance fully covers services like checkups and cleanings and x-rays. It’s because they are the foundation of every healthy, long-lasting smile. When you engage in routine preventive care and excellent oral hygiene practices at home, you are doing everything you can to enjoy your teeth for a lifetime to come — so don’t skip out on your six month checkup and cleanings!

Get Started Saving Today!

If you are searching for a BlueCross BlueShield dentist, you’ve found us here at Columbian Square Dental. We can’t wait to help you save on the dental services that will keep you smiling for life! You are invited to request an appointment today.

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