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Achieve a Complete Smile After Tooth Loss

When it comes to tooth replacement, there are no other options that really compare to dental implants for Weymouth, MA dentistry patients. Instead of only replacing the crown portion in your smile, you can get a restorative solution that replaces your tooth from the bottom on up. By partnering with Kerr Dental Associates, you can rest knowing that you’ll receive a reliable and durable dental implant for many years to come. Afterward, you can come back to our dental office to receive your fully-customized restoration. Contact our dental office to schedule your implant consultation!

Benefits of Dental Implants

Because dental implants are designed to restore the entire tooth structure, patients can expect all the functions they had before their tooth was lost. For example, chewing your favorite foods is no longer an issue when you have dental implants. Greater chewing strength makes it easy to keep a balanced diet and stay healthy.

Additionally, dental implants are the longest-lasting solution to tooth loss, averaging a lifespan as long as 25 years to a lifetime when properly maintained. Even after 10 years of use, clinical studies have shown implants to hold success rates as high as 98 percent. That’s a durable restoration you can rely on.

Finally, dental implants are meant to be as natural-looking as possible. This is why they are typically fitted with porcelain restorations. Porcelain not only looks almost identical to tooth enamel but allows light to travel through it as well. No one will even notice your dental implants once they’re placed, however, they will notice your winning smile!

Indications for Dental Implants

Dental implant-supported tooth replacement is the most versatile option restoring any number of teeth from a single tooth to a full arch. Once their dental implants are placed, patients come to our Weymouth dental office for restoration. We offer the following dental implant restorations:

Missing Single Tooth

Patients missing a single tooth receive one implant post, and a dental crown is affixed to the implant. This long-term restoration allows patients to renew their smile without damaging surrounding teeth as is necessary with crown supported fixed bridge tooth replacements.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Patients missing two or three consecutive teeth often receive a fixed bridge, and those missing four or more consecutive or nonconsecutive teeth need a partial denture. The implant-supported versions of these restorations require two or more dental implants strategically placed to offer optimal stability for the bridge or partial restoring the natural form and function to patients’ smiles.

Missing All Teeth

Patients who have lost all of the teeth on their upper, lower, or both arches, typically receive an implant-supported denture. There are a number of options including removable and fixed prosthetics, minimal implant supported dentures that use four to six implants strategically positioned to support replacement teeth. In some cases, patients may choose to have a series of dental bridges affixed to implants for the most natural look and feel since the replacement teeth are attached directly to the implants and natural gum line with no prosthetic base between them.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Patients will complete tooth loss are able to restore the form of their smile with removable dentures, but without the supportive, underlying root structure of teeth, bone density and gum tissue volume gradually breakdown. Additionally, traditional dentures are typically only able to restore between 10 and 30% of chewing function. Luckily for our patients, we offer dental implant supported dentures that preserve natural bone density, gum tissue volume, and restore 70% or more natural chewing ability allowing patients to eat a healthier, more diverse diet. In most cases, patients who are healthy enough to undergo minor surgery are able to receive dental implants. Contact our team to schedule a dental implant consultation.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

It’s important to note that dental implant treatment costs can vary depending on your needs. For example, those who intend on replacing one tooth with one implant will pay less than someone replacing multiple teeth with two implants. The cost gets even higher when replacing an entire arch of teeth via four to six implants. Furthermore, costs go up if require preparatory treatments to make implants viable, such as bone grafts or sinus lifts.

With that said, dental implants are still widely considered to be the most cost-effective, long-term investment for those with missing teeth. With decades of use, they still perform as well as they did the day they finished healing.

Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions

In preparation for your upcoming dental implant procedure, our team at Columbian Square Dental wants you to feel comfortable and confident in your restorative treatment. Our dentists strive to provide all the necessary information you need, but should you still have questions, we encourage you to reach out to us. If you want to know more about the cost of your procedure, how successful it will be, or even the terminology used, we invite you to look at the following list of dental implant frequently asked questions.

Does Dental Insurance Cover a Dental Implant?

Every dental insurance policy is different, which means while you might have one type of coverage, your colleague might have another. Unfortunately, most companies do not cover dental implant placement; however, portions of the process may be covered all or in part by your dental insurance. These include:

  • Anesthesia/sedation
  • Customized restoration (i.e. dental crown, bridge, or denture)
  • Initial consultation
  • Pre-implant dental work, if needed

If you are unsure whether your dental insurance provider covers any or all of your dental implant procedure, feel free to talk to a member of our dental staff who will be happy to assist.

How Long Does the Implant Procedure Last from Start to Finish, On Average?

Most patients will achieve a new and improved smile in a little more than 6 months. To begin the process, our dentists must sit down with you for an initial consultation. Once a treatment plan is crafted and impressions are taken, the dental lab technicians can begin to work on your customized restoration.

Next, we will place the implants into your jawbone, stitch up the wounded areas, and send you home to heal. This is the most time-consuming portion of the entire process because it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to fully heal. During this time, osseointegration, which is the fusing of the implant and bone, must occur.

Finally, you’ll return once you are healed to have your custom restoration secured into place.

Is a “Post” the Same Thing as a Dental Implant?

The short answer is yes. Oftentimes, different dentists refer to dental implants as posts simply because they look like a titanium post. Not only do they act like the root of your tooth, but they’re surgically placed into your jawbone.

Another coined term is “fixture.”

Do Dental Implants Ever Fail?

Although placing dental implants in Weymouth is a successful procedure for most patients (95-98%), there is a small chance that it can fail. No surgery is without risk, so if you’re concerned your procedure will be unsuccessful, here are a few reasons why an implant might fail. Once you review, consider whether you fall into any of these categories that could put you at risk:

  • Smoking or tobacco use – This bad habit is not only harmful to your overall health, but it also makes it difficult, if not impossible, to achieve successful dental implant placement. Why? Because each time you smoke or use tobacco, your immune system becomes weaker and your body has a much harder time healing. The process of osseointegration cannot occur, which means the implant will not fuse to the jawbone.
  • Compromised immune system ­– If you have diabetes or an autoimmune disorder that compromises your immune system, your chances of success are slim. Healing is much slower, and it ultimately prevents the bone and implant from fusing together.
  • Poorly Placed Implant – If the specialist you’re seeing isn’t equipped with the training or knowledge on how to place implants, you could be in trouble. Nowadays, this is a much less common occurrence, especially since you can research and discuss with your dentist and oral surgeon about their experience in placing implants. A successful placement is dependent upon the careful and precise handiwork of the professional performing the procedure.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

This answer mainly depends on several factors that our doctors will consider when examining your mouth during your initial consultation. Some of these include:

  • Your overall oral health
  • The strength and durability of your jawbone
  • Whether or not you smoke or use tobacco products
  • If you have diabetes or an autoimmune disorder that weakens the immune system

Patients with a weakened or deteriorating jawbone can still achieve dental implant placement but will most likely require a pre-implant surgery consisting of a bone graft. This will add bone materials to an area and encourage your bone to grow and strengthen.


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